ok. so first off, this is a really crappy story based off an old 2humon run i did. or should i say, 2 concurrent runs. i made this when i was like 15 years old and posted it to some shitty nowhere backwater zetaboards forum in like 2016, and as such it's cringe to read now. i am planning to reboot and rewrite this eventually, but for now i will just repost whatever 15-year-old me wrote. so without further ado, here it is....

Sumi-chan... it's time to get up...

It is very early in the morning. There are two figures hiding in the trees near the village where they live. One resembled a young girl of about 4 who had crisp blue hair. Her hair was also tied into a small blue bow, and she wore a matching blue dress with a jagged white stripe on the bottom, and had a very small red bow on it. The other figure, also resembling a young 4-year old girl, wore stuff that made her look Chinese, with her green dress having a lot of frills on it, and equally matching green hair buns had most of her scarlet hair in them. And she was sleeping.

"Ugh, Icee-chan... I just wanted to stay in bed a little longer..." The Chinese girl, apparently named Sumi-chan, sleepily told her friend, who was apparently named Icee-chan.

"But Sumi-chan! We're going out for a walk this morning!" Icee-chan retorted.

The two girls were going to go on a nice morning walk later, and Sumi-chan was being a sleepy bum.

After some convincing, the two girls were ready to go out on their walk.

"So, Icee-chan, where are we going on our walk?" Sumi-chan asked her friend.

"Today... We will be going out into the village for sightseeing! Icee-chan replied happily.

The two then left their hideout in the forest and went to the village. There, many villagers gawked at their odd appearances.

Are those... really... puppets?

Look! Puppets!

They really do exist!

The two girls weren't paying attention to the villagers and their reactions. They had gone quite aways when suddenly...

"Alright, mister, hand us everything you've got and nobody gets hurt!"

Huh? Where did that voice come from?

The voice had come from just down the road. Icee-chan and Sumi-chan peeked down the road to see what was going on.

There, they saw a man being chased. However, what caught the girls' attention were the man's pursuers.

One of them, the one who had just shouted the comment about handing everything over, had the brightest purple hair, and her rabbit ears looked shiny in the sunlight. She also, for some apparent reason, was wearing a business suit, despite looking like a 4-year-old. The other one looked like a genderswapped version of the first one.

"Okay, hand everything over, punk!"

"Yeah, sis! Go beat him up until he's pulp!"

"Um, that's not what we're supposed to be doing yet. Anyway, say goodbye to your precious papers!"

"Whoops, sorry, Otome-chan..."

The two pursuers seemed to be a brother and sister duo, and the sister was apparently named "Otome-chan".

Icee-chan and Sumi-chan were nervous. Very nervous. As in, too nervous to move.

"...Um, S-Sumidai... I'm scared..." Icee-chan had acknowledged Sumi-chan by her full name, Sumidai, even though she hated it. "...M-me to, Icee... And don't call me Sumidai!" Sumi-chan responded.

Just then, a strange light came down from above. Icee-chan and Sumi-chan looked up to see wat was coming their way.

When the two girls looked up, they noticed two small watches mysteriously drop down from the sky.

"Sumi-chan, these watches mysteriously dropped down from the sky!" Icee-chan exclaimed as the light faded. "Yeah, I'm not sure how they could've possibly come down from the sky..." added Sumi-chan.

Meanwhile, Otome-chan had successfully stolen the man's papers and was now beating down on him.

"What the-! No, no! Stop it!"

"Haha! I will never stop beating you down!"

"And we will beat you down to a pulp!"

While they were doing that, Icee-chan and Sumi-chan were playing with their new watches.

The two girls saw that there were many buttons on the watches. Naturally, they began playing with them.

"A watch that can play music back! Nice!"

"I can play games on this watch! Cool!"

"There's even a thing that shows numbers! I'm not sure why, but it's awesome nonetheless!"

"Also what does this button do?"

Sumi-chan was pointing to a strange flashing heart-shaped button on her watch.

"...Huh. My watch also has that button on it. I wonder what happens if you press it..." Icee said, then she pushed the heart-shaped button on her watch.

The watch simply buzzed. Icee-chan tried pressing it again, and Sumi-chan pressed her button at the exact same time.

Suddenly, some flashy light things and other stuff happened, and the two girls were now wearing completely different clothing.

Icee-chan's tiny blue bow now had a light blue stripe running through it, and her blue dress was now slightly frillier and also had a red stripe running down the middle, and it's bow was now pink. Sumi-chan's green dress now had two puffy sleeves, and it also had a pink belt around it, and her hair buns were equally pink and green.

"What in the..." Sumi-chan said.

Meanwhile, Otome-chan and her brother were almost ready to deal the final blow on the man when they noticed Icee-chan and Sumi-chan in their clothes. They went over to them.

"Well well well... What do we have here?" Otome-chan was staring at Icee-chan and Sumi-chan. She had no idea what to do with these two girls.

"How in the... What on Earth is even going on here?!?!?!" Sumi-chan was still confused as to what just happened to her clothes. "I-I don't know, Sumi-chan... I don't know..." was all Icee-chan could say on the matter.

Just then, the two girls' watches buzzed again, and the heart shaped button started to flash again. Otome-chan noticed, and did something quite unexpected. She reached into a pocket and pulled out a watch that looked exactly like Icee-chan's and Sumi-chan's. It was a dark shade of purple.

Icee-chan and Sumi-chan looked at the watch that Otome-chan had just pulled out. "WHAT?!" they exclaimed.

Without saying a word, Otome-chan put the watch on her left hand, which caused the little heart-shaped button on it to start flashing. She quickly pressed the button, and around 40 seconds and lots of sparkly effects later, she was now wearing a black and yellow shawl over a dark pink dress that had a black stripe on the bottom and on the sleeves. Her purple hair was now tied into a large ponytail, and it also had some pink streaks mixed in. Her bunny ears remained unchanged.

Icee-chan and Sumi-chan were now scared. Very scared. Neither knew what to do. Then, out of desperation, Sumi-chan pushed the heart-shaped button on her watch. This caused the watch to shoot out a small stream of sparkles, which then materialized into a circular object that had a pink bow on the left, and a green bow on the right. It also had a green heart in the center. Icee-chan followed suit, with her watch spawning what appeared to be a short rod made of ice that had a cube on one end, and had a blue bow on it as well.